Built by analysts, for analysts, powered by AI

Our AI is rewriting the playbook on financial analysis by applying AI to deliver faster, more accessible knowledge on any fundamental matter.

  • Deliver better service and save precious time
  • Transform your advisors into Super Advisors with AI Based insights
  • Easy integration to the banks platform
  • Diversifying portfolio while boosting revenues with Stocks & Category analyses in any market
  • Regulation Alignment

Gather all the analysis you need in the world’s largest analysis repository

It’s all about the service you provide. Impress customers with deep fundamental knowledge, available in a click.

Drive customers to action with intelligent verbal recommendations supported by numbers and rationale.

Find any stock. Filter with ease. Empowered by stocks suggestions

The Bridgewise screener is a filtering platform for up to 37,000 stocks in over 130 stock exchanges.

Our screener consists of 8 easy to use filters aimed at searching for preferred stocks and receiving tailored results that meet the user’s specific requirements.

Identifying relevant stocks from all over the world, by specific requirements, in seconds

Easy integrates with the Banks platform

Find the hidden gems with our Stock suggestions

Identifying stocks from all over the world, according to clients’ requests takes a lot of time and effort, at times it’s impossible. Use our advanced filter to find any stock in no time.

Coming up with new ideas for investment strategies might be difficult. Also, running through all global stocks might be overwhelming – Our Screener helps you find new ways to offer added value for clients, with its stocks suggestions.

Empowering Sustainable Investing With AI-based ESG Analysis

  • ESG report in a click
  • Industry comparison score
  • Worldwide Coverage in all Languages
  • SASB based unbiased score
  • Regulation Alignment

Bridgewise ESG Analysis is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the increasing demand for sustainable investing. Bridgewise ESG analysis empowers financial analysts to make informed decisions and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable investments.

Eyal Goren

CEO, Psagot Mutual Funds

In a fraction of the time & cost, BridgeWise’s research & data drives more confident decisions for our teams and clients.


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More Efficiently and Effectiveness Due to Time Saving on Raw Data Analysis

Data Suite for analysts by analysts

Built by analysts, for analysts, powered by AI Bridgewise, amplifying analyst capabilities with fundamental analysis

All the information is presented in concise, easy-to-understand reports offering deep insights in any language.

Get easy access to a huge repository of fundamental data to make sure your analysts have all they need.

Get digested data with scoring, reccomendation and more.

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