3 Stock Exchange holds more than


of market cap*


Global stocks that are coverd by human analysts

The problem we are solving

Only 20% of Global stocks are covered, as 3 Stock Exchange run 50% of market cap

Capital being Centralized

Blue chips companies are the default

Flashlight Syndrome

Stock markets are less attractive

So this is what we get: A Market failure cycle

Capital Being Centralized and Blue Chips companies are the go-to investment.

The problem & the damage

Capital is being centralized

Investors are missing great opportunities as they invest in the same companies or not investing at all due to language barriers

Small / Medium (Yet awesome) Stock Exchanges are less attractive

Companies having hard time raising money – ending up not raising money at all

Netanel Oded

Head of Business Development,

How Bridgewise empowers the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange according to Netanel Oded, Head of Business Development.

Where we come in

Through integration of advanced AI and NLG technologies, we facilitate universal access to sophisticated unbiased fundamental research and investment tools for all investors worldwide

Multiple language and wider visibility

We excel in providing multilingual capabilities, enhancing visibility across diverse markets.

Value Adding Content for retail investors –

resulting in heightened trading volumes, improved opportunities, and increased confidence.

Shifting Engagement Paradigm

We redefine user interaction by offering a fresh incentive to engage with your platform.

Unveiling Novel Data Monetization Avenues

Unlock new and innovative opportunities for data monetization

Bridging Financial Gaps for investors, so you get a new and improved investor

Information available in a click

Supports All Languages

Built Investors Confidence

Value for investors and for economy

Better Marketing for the stock exchange

Data monetization

Hesitating? See Why Integration is a non issue