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With our AI based generated financial content, you can easily, or should we say automatically, monetize content. By creating new content packages or other data based products and services you can leverage our platform to deliver significant value – and generate income. unlock revenue potential by monetizing reports and additional content services.

Enriching the value for your paying clients

  • Use our API or widgets inside your platform as a premium service
  • Create premium content packages
  • Enrich existing packages with more content
  • Use our multi language engine to attract more clients, or to go global

Pedro Meduna

Co-founder & partner at L4vb

Watch what Pedro Meduna, co-founder & partner at L4vb, has to say about our generative AI which is about to empower analysts and investment advisors in Brazil, by analyzing all global stocks in all languages, including Portuguese.

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We can research for you

Our large research department is just one click away.

Customized Research

Our research department can analyze and research any industry and sector in the world:

  • Equity research
  • Trend reports
  • Peer’s analysis


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