Bridgewise Account

Gain exclusive access to our advanced screener and unlimited analysis through web or mobile platforms. Deliver the flexibility of accessing our powerful tools anytime and from anywhere, without the need for integration or development resources.

Bridgewise API Integration

Set up a connection using our robust API for full access to all of Bridgewise’s data and capabilities. By integrating our engine’s API into your platform, you can build the exact product you need, taking advantage of its fully modular features. Additionally, you can tap into previous data, effectively utilizing historical data to meet your current requirements.

Bridgewise empowers you to customize our solutions to perfectly align with your unique business goals and objectives. Embrace the flexibility and power of Bridgewise integrations for optimized performance and enhanced user experiences.

The Onboarding Process

Having a smooth and easy onboarding process is our first priority when serving financial institutions. To ensure the best experience for our clients, we have created a timeframe that is holistic and tailored to their needs.

A BridgeWise representative will lead and manage all aspects of the process.

1st Step

Technical Implementation

Easy to implement API or Plug & Play interactive widgets.

Kickoff Meeting
Technical & product team leads, from both sides, to discuss and define critical goals, technical needs, infrastructure, and implementation schedules.

Technical Guidence
BridgeWise CS manager will share a Data Room with all relevant
information and guidance including:

  • Technical documentation
  • Tutorial video
  • Implementation examples

Technical Support
The process will be accompanied by dedicated sales engineer and customer success representatives.

  • Open a communication channel for
    messaging, such as Slack or email.
  • Online support
2nd Step

Product Training & Activation

Our team will ensure full adoption of the products by your team and customers.

Demo Call
Our representatives will schedule a demo call to introduce you to the platform.

Training Session
Custom learning and training with best practices on how to get the best out of our platform.

Training Data Center
Self-explanatory materials will be shared, such as FAQ documents and demo videos.

3rd Step

Extra Value Insights

Our large research department is just one click away.

Customized Research
Our research department can analyze and research any industry and sector in the world:

  • Equity research
  • Trend reports
  • Peer’s analysis

Get updates and notifications on selected stocks, companies, industries, and sectors.