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Bridgewise Introduces Its New AI-Powered ESG Analysis Toolkit


In today’s social conscious world, investors are becoming increasingly focused on investing in companies that care about the environment and communities they serve. Investors want to know that the companies they invest on align with their personal values and comply with the growing regulatory requirements. Finding these opportunities can be extremely challenging. Many companies claim to embrace Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks, but not all deliver on this promise. For this reason, having a powerful, AI-driven tool to evaluate investments quickly and effectively from an ESG perspective is paramount. 


At Bridgewise, we embrace and value the importance of ESG. We’ve made this our personal mission to deliver responsible, sustainable, and ethical solutions to our clients. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce that Bridgewise has been selected to join the ranks of Fintech Global’s ESGFinTech100 in 2023 which recognizes the 100 most innovative ESG-centric companies. 


This recognition comes at an opportune time as we unveil our latest innovation, Bridgewise’s AI-powered ESG analysis toolkit. This new, powerful tool, designed to support the growing market demand for ESG research tools, helps financial institutions easily identify ESG-friendly companies and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Stock ESG Performance at Your Fingertips

Sifting through thousands of potential investments to find ones that align with your client’s ESG goals or other compliance mandates can be extremely time consuming and tedious. For this reason, our team has developed and launched a new plug-in tool that provides an easy-to-understand analysis and insights into a company’s ESG performance. This enhancement aims to give analysts, advisors, and retail platform investors the tools they need to make informed decisions efficiently. 

    • Comprehensive and Unbiased Analysis – ESG performance can be difficult to gauge as companies may have conflicting or incomplete data. Our AI technology leverages ESG data from a wide range of sources and consolidates it into a single, comprehensive rating. This helps to avoid discrepancies and gives a consistent metric that can be easily compared to other similar companies. 
    • Accessible and Easy-to-Understand Insights – Bridgewise uses a powerful proprietary language model that converts complex ESG jargon and information into simple-to-understand insights and recommendations. This provides all investors and professionals, regardless of their level of financial expertise, the ability to make smart ESG investment choices. 
    • Real-Time Updates – Companies are constantly changing and adapting their ESG initiatives and strategies to align with the latest market trends and compliance guidelines. Our AI-powered ESG analysis provides analysts and advisors with the latest information helping shield their investment strategies from potential risks and identify future opportunities. 
  • Plug-In Integration – Our new AI ESG analysis platform is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing tools and process, so you don’t have to make complex changes to your data management infrastructure or juggle multiple technology platforms to conduct equity research. 
  • Language Adaptability – Our platform provides analysis and insights on over 16,000 stocks worldwide. Like our other analysis tools, the ESG analysis toolkit delivers insights in your team’s local language. This not only helps the team better understand the information they are receiving but also provides a wider range of global investment options. 

Following the Path to a Responsible Future

At Bridgewise, we are committed to providing your organization and investors with the tools needed to approach sustainable investing with confidence. We believe that neither organizations nor investors should have to choose between profitability and selecting investments that align with their goals and values. The launch of our AI-powered ESG analysis tool for equity research is another milestone toward our vision of providing top tier equity research tools, and our inclusion in the ESGFinTech100 a promising signal of the role we are determined to occupy in the landscape of sustainable investing. We look forward to partnering with pioneering organizations to collaboratively promote a more sustainable and socially responsible future for the financial industry, and for everyone.  

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