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An overview of 2022 by the founders of Deshe Analytics


This year, Deshe Analytics has been on a journey of growth and success. We have strived to be the go-to source for stock market analysis for all of our clients. Despite the volatility of the finance world, we have been able to grow steadily, and we owe it all to our amazing team, investors, and clients. Here, we take a look at the year of Deshe Analytics and how our vision to bridge the gap in investment knowledge is coming to life.

Bringing investment knowledge together is our vision

We aim to make sure that everyone, no matter where they are from or what language they speak, has access to the best analysis when it comes to stock market investments.

Our AI technology has allowed our professional clients, such as banks and broker platforms worldwide, to provide the most accurate and up-to-date stock market data for their own clients.

How was this vision born? Gaby Diamant, our CEO, and co-founder, shared: “Deshe Analytics was created after we sold our previous start-up and wanted to continue working together. We knew we were a strong team and extremely proficient in machine learning and complex product pricing. We tested a few ideas before focusing on the stock market. From there, we set up a quite successful equity fund. One of the internal products we developed was a tool for explaining the investment decisions of our algorithm. Very quickly, with the help of some of our partners, we realized that we had the ability to do something much bigger and fulfill a more significant vision of making financial information accessible to the mass public.”

Today, we can proudly say that over a million people all over the world enjoy the benefits of our tool.

According to Gaby, “One of the more exciting events that happened, just before the end of the year, is the launch of ten mutual funds together with Psagot Investment House. Those funds reflect the notion that ‘we will no longer settle for thoughtless investment! We will invest according to deep thought and according to the company’s fundamental data’. Investing with the help of advanced tools is not a kept secret of the big hedge funds anymore. From now on, they are available to everyone.”

How clients have reacted to our tool

Depending on our clients’ individual needs, we have been able to customize our analysis and features. This has enabled them to make the best decisions for their clients’ investments as well as their own.

We have also been able to provide our clients with educational resources. Our team of experts has been consistently creating content that helps them learn how to utilize our thorough research on emerging equities for their own success.

According to Dor, our CBO and co-founder, “The feedback received was much better than expected, and usually, we do have high expectations. We make sure to maintain fairly close contact with our customers in order to receive the best feedback with as few filters as possible. Aside from that, the critical feedback was immediately addressed with adjustments and upgrades to the points for improvement. The customers see quite quickly and distinctly the added value and especially the overflow of value that our product brings to the table, and these are the most inspiring moments there are.”

This year, we understood from our partners’ and clients’ reactions how significant the gap we covered for them in all aspects was. “Our understanding of the market, the needs, and the challenges, as well as the experience we have gained, allows us to respond very quickly to their various challenges in a very fast way,” Dor mentioned.

The key indicators of our growth

“We started the year with a stable product that external users have not significantly used. By the end of it, we had developed a product that we are proud of, and our customers are our most important partners.” Said Gaby.

“The significant jump in our product over the past year is reflected in our ability to support every language and create broad coverage of 10Q, 10K, and 8K reports,” Mor, our VP of R&D, and co-founder, added. “In addition, we emphasized the widget’s ability to be easily implemented in all leading financial infrastructures in Israel. “Another accomplishment I’m particularly proud of is that our team was able to create a new API with broader capabilities than the previous version.”

Furthermore, our growth is reflected in the number of employees, the number of customers, the revenue, interest in the company, the number of partners, and the variety of products we provide.

But not only that, this year, we have managed to obtain unprecedented regulatory approvals to operate in Israel and in four other countries.

In regards to this process in Israel, Or, our COO and co-founder stated, “This is a huge achievement, which combined cooperation between Deshe Analytics and the Israel Securities Authority, as for the first time and for the benefit of the investing public, an objective investment advisory service based on AI is made accessible directly through financial institutions in a way that upgrades the clients’ analysis capabilities in an unbiased way and places them at the forefront of technology. Deshe Analytics and its technology were recognized, within the framework of this process, as investment consultants in Israel, in an advanced manner in relation to the existing situation in Israel and in relation to the whole world.”

Heading toward 2023

We are grateful for all the support we have received from everyone around us, including our team, investors, and clients. Without them, none of this would have been possible. We are excited for the year to come and look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the best fundamental analysis tools.

Stay tuned!

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